Workshop: Dehydrating & Using Fruits, Veggies & Herbs - Becky Denekamp


Workshop: Dehydrating & Using Fruits, Veggies & Herbs - Becky Denekamp

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

6:30 - 8:00 PM

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Join Becky Denekamp, an avid homesteader, to learn the fundamentals of dehydrating to preserve your fruits, veggies & herbs, as well as the best way of incorporating them into all your food & drinks!

Learn the basics of preserving summer’s bounty using a dehydrator! We will discuss how to prepare fruits, vegetables, and herbs in different ways to be used weeks, months, or even YEARS down the road!

You will be armed with the knowledge of how to replace costly store-bought fruit leathers, dried herbs & spices, teas, and green “superfood” powders, all with your OWN dehydrated produce!! Everyone will get to take home a seasoning herb blend!

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