Farming in Rockland

Edible Hudson Valley recently featured us in an article about Farming in Rockland! Here is an excerpt:

John McDowell, president of the Rockland Farm Alliance, noticed the shift away from agriculture in the area many years ago and now works day in and day out with his team to preserve the agriculture industry in Rockland and support farms like Duryea.

“Think about how cheap pasture land is upstate compared to land closer to the city like Rockland,” he said. “The comparison is $2,000+ per acre upstate to $100,000+ an acre in this area. And even upstate dairies are struggling financially. If the decision to have farms is solely based on profit then farms will continually be pushed out as urban sprawl continues. And farmers are not being paid the real value of food. The other relatively unknown fact is that every time a farm gets turned into a development, the development costs 15% more in municipal services than the tax revenue received from the development. Yet developments are built and farms are pushed out.”

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