Now is the Perfect Time to Join Our CSA

A prolonged winter can be rough on small farms. And no, not just because of the weather! Each winter, we plan for the season ahead. We buy seeds and start seedlings, update and buy new equipment, and continue to employ our inreasingly-busy farm staff. Small winter harvests leave little in the bank to financially sustain a farm through the long cold months, let alone afford the coming season's preparations.

Now it is Spring and the farm is in full swing! That's why now is the perfect time to join our CSA! As a CSA member, you receive 25 weeks of freshly harvested, certified organic produce. However, the most important thing you do as a CSA member, is ensure the continued livelihood of your favorite local small farm! CSA members are, essentially, purchasing a share in the farm's harvest. You become an investor, a stakeholder, and an important part of our farm community. You choose to make local small-scale farming possible in Rockland County. 

If you are thinking of joining our CSA for the 2018 season, please do not hesitate! Purchase your CSA share today and help assure Cropsey Community Farm's continued success!