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Women's Circle in the Tipi

At The Farm, For The Farm

When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other. When we transform ourselves – when we wake up to our feminine power – we bring a new consciousness to our families and our communities. 

When our families and communities become more conscious, we change society. If you are a lover of nature, Earth guardian, a maiden, mother, grandmother, a wise woman, please join. 

In this circle we will explore the ways we are nourished, touched and inspired by Mother Earth, by the changing seasons, the endings and the beginnings on our life's journey.

A generous amount of the proceeds from your donations will go to support the farm. Suggested Donation: $25

The circle will be led by Petrina Plecko, a yogini, dancer, gardener, herbalist, food lover, student and guardian of the Earth, Dancer and a Priestess of Light:

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