Welcome CSA Shareholders!

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Need to sign in... to check your status, make a donation, add a partner, or pay your balance?   You can go HERE 

Just log into your account on our CSA Registration Site. This LINK will take you where you need to go. Just use your email to log in. There is a navigation menu on the left to log in, check your status, make a payment, update your membership or rate your share. 

The 2018 CSA Season Runs from May 29th through November 17th

Pick up dates for the 2018 CSA Season:

Tuesdays (May 29th - November 13th), from 3pm - 7pm at Cropsey Community Farm
Thursdays (May 31st - November 15th), from 8am - 2pm at Nyack Farmers' Market
Saturdays (June 2nd - November 17th), from 9am - 1 pm at Cropsey Community Farm

How do I split a share?
When you sign up you’ll have the option to add another name to your membership. If you’d like to split a share but are in need of a partner, we have a Facebook group you can join to find one: Find a Friend to Split Your CSA

*We do not get involved in how you split your share. All payment and pick up arrangements are up to you to coordinate. 

How will I receive my produce?
You will pick up your weekly shares at the location & pick up day you chose during registration. Please bring your own bags or boxes, along with some smaller bags or containers for loose items. Pick up is self-serve. You will sign in. A chalkboard will list items and amounts to take. Scales are provided for items that need weighing. Please leave behind any small containers used by the farm to divide loose items into portions. Farm staff will be on hand for assistance.

Please be respectful of surrounding property. If picking up at Cropsey Community Farm, please park in the lower parking field. If you are unable to walk up the hill, you may park along the sides of the driveway but please allow room for other cars to leave and enter.
*Shares must be picked up at the location and on the day chosen at registration within the specified time frame.

If you have a Flower Share: Members can cut their own flowers (one bouquet which fits in one hand per week :) at Cropsey Community Farm, only on pick-up days during scheduled pick-up hours. Please bring scissors, sign in and ask for instructions at the pick-up area.

What if I can’t make it to my pick-up?
We do know that schedules sometimes change due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, if you forget to make your pick-up, we may be unable to accommodate you. Here’s why: Our farm manager bases her crop plan on the number of CSA members. For each pick-up day, the team harvests the amount of produce needed for the number of members picking up that day. Your produce has already been harvested whether or not you pick up your share. Uncollected shares are donated to local food pantries. 

So, please put your pick-ups on your calendar and set a reminder. You’ll also get weekly e-mail alerts from us letting you know some of what to expect in your upcoming CSA share. If you expect to miss a pick-up, try to enlist a friend to pick-up for you. Or, let us know in advance to donate it to one of our local partner charities. We try to avoid waste by donating or selling any unclaimed produce. Thanks for your understanding!

Can I change my pick-up day or time?
Our tight schedule and small farm team makes it difficult for us to deviate from the pick-up schedule once the season starts, so unfortunately we can not allow pick-ups on any other day except designated pick-up days or to switch pick ups from one day to another. 

Thanks for your support and for being part of the Farm!
You make it possible to do what we do!