by Rockland Bee Tours
           at Cropsey Community Farm 2018

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We are happy to join forces with Zev Oster, founder of Rockland Bee Club, a local beekeeper who’s been caring for these amazing insects for many years now. Zev has a number of beehives at Cropsey Community Farm to help pollinate the plants and educate the public on the importance of bees.

Honey Bees are fascinating insects. We’ve been enjoying their sweet yummy honey for thousands of years, but recently it hasn’t been so sweet for our bees. Does the term colony collapse disorder or CCD ring a bell? Beekeepers have been losing anywhere from 30-50% of their hives yearly. Pesticides, mites & disease are all to blame, but in reality we are the ones who need to look out and care for these insects... because without bees pollinating the plants, we would be limited to which foods we could eat.

Cropsey Community Farm Bee Tours

Our tours run approximately 60 minutes long and consist of two parts.

Part 1) Our guide will discuss the importance of honey bees & beekeeping, such as equipment, hive components, and "what it takes to be a Beekeeper". 

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He will educate you on: 

  • Types of bees you’ll find in a hive;
  • How long honey bees live for;
  • How far bees travel to get honey;
  • Which types of bees sting;
  • Whether bee stings really hurt;
  • How to process honey;
  • …and much more.


Part 2) Optional:  If you are brave enough, we will supply you with a bee suit, the same suits beekeepers wear, and you can walk over to inspect our bee hives up close. These hives are bustling with thousands of bees bringing back pollen and nectar. Our Beekeeper will open a hive using his smoker and show you our bees hard at work. You may even catch a glimpse of the queen at work!

Note: There is always a chance of being stung even with a bee suit on. If you’re allergic to bee stings DO NOT participate in our tours or workshops.

Tours begin on time. Please be at our location 10-15 min before your tour begins. Reservations must be made and paid for online prior to coming.