Workplace CSAs: A Farm-To-Office Healthcare Plan

farmtowork_custom-1e2ab0b5247f30c7d180ba32c809ea57acf6fe37-s900-c85More and more companies are investing in their employees’ long-term health by purchasing local CSAs for workers to share and bring home. The sale of workplace CSAs has been on the rise in New York City and the surrounding suburbs for nearly a decade. Since the advent of its program in 2010, Just Food has facilitated the sale of more than 500 workplace CSAs from local farms to private businesses and government offices in New York City. In an article entitled, “Veggies Go Farm to Cubicle,” The Wall Street Journal reported that major companies, such as Goldman Sachs, see workplace CSAs as a vital means of providing hard-working employees with real nutrition; thus keeping their minds more productive, their morale elevated, and the business thriving.

image001Cropsey Community Farm introduced its Workplace CSA program last year with Active International at Blue Hill Plaza in Pearl River. We have been grateful for the opportunity to deliver a weekly bounty of local flavor to companies like Active that value both the holistic well-being of their employees and the endurance of sustainable agriculture in their community. “The programs and projects of The Rockland Farm Alliance bring the community closer to the earth. It is monumental not only for education but for the availability of local, organic food. We are very proud for being the first business in Rockland County to create a Cropsey CSA program as part of our wellness program for our employees,” says Donna Schmidt, Communications & Community Affairs Representative for Active International.

A delivery of freshly picked beets, kale, arugula and sweet potatoes provides more than a delicious basket of dinner ingredients for the week. It introduces a new opportunity to connect with the earth even from within office walls. It encourages workers to live healthier lives together as they share new experiences with a variety of seasonal produce. Recipe-swapping, culinary competitions, and even group outings to the farm have become commonplace in offices that were once limited to vending machine fare.

Workplace CSAs are instrumental in helping businesses evolve by providing employees with greener choices.  During this corporate cultural shift that recognizes how important it is to maintain healthy bodies, minds and environments for optimal work output, local farms and local business can lead the way to a brighter food future together.

Add your business to the list of visionary organizations that are signing up for workplace CSAs at Cropsey Community Farm this year. Click here to join for pick-up at the farm or contact for more information on how to arrange delivery right to your office.


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