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What Is a CSA?

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, gives you 25 weekly baskets of over 50 varieties of biodynamic, seasonal produce, herbs and flowers grown right on Cropsey Community Farm.

But, A CSA is so much more than a Spring, Summer and Fall full of delicious local flavor. It gives you the complete story of your food. You will know the earth from which it grows and the farmers who keep it thriving. You will even have a hand in cultivating your food under the guidance of the farm team on special CSA open farm days. By sharing in this mutually beneficial relationship with community farmers and the environment, you become part of the necessary change that will keep organic food production here in Rockland for generations to come.

CSA members also attend all workshops at the farm for free. This year’s selection includes raw cooking, herbalism, beekeeping, soil fertility, a special foraging series, and much more.


When you choose to eat a seasonal variety of what the earth naturally yields, you are contributing to the biodiversity that all organic agriculture requires to remain sustainable. When you commit to eating from your own local soil, you are ensuring the survival of the last remaining farms in Rockland County. A CSA membership means that you are invested in the future of local farms, in your own health, and in the  well-being of your entire community.

Whether you’re trying out local produce for the first time or you’re coming back after many bountiful seasons, we invite you to be the next important member of the local farming movement.

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