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This is where you’ll find all the information you need about our CSA Working Shares.

In addition to RFA’s events and educational programs, Working Share Memberships are another way the community becomes a vital part of our mission and our projects. Your hard work helps make our shared harvest more cost-effective while giving you a first-hand look at how and where your vegetables are grown.

What are the benefits of a Work Share Membership?
As a Work Share Member you receive a $100 rebate off your share price after fulfilling 16 hours of pre-scheduled work time with RFA. Just like full-priced members you’ll receive approx. 8-10 pounds of freshly harvested, organically grown produce every week as well as FREE access to our year-round program of farm workshops. You’ll also have the rewarding experience of working with our farm team and learning about growing and harvesting organic produce.

What’s the cost of a Work Share Membership?
$650 (after rebate) with 16 work hours. Work Shares are available for Cropsey Farm pick-ups only. In exchange for 16 hours of pre-scheduled work time with the farm team you’ll receive a $100 rebate off the price of a regular share. Rebates are given at the end of the season upon completion of work hours.

How do I purchase a Work Share?
Just go to our CSA sign-up website (click HERE) and choose “Working Vegetable Share” as your membership type on the first page. On the next page choose Cropsey as your pick-up location with either Tuesday or Saturday as your pick-up day. Then follow the directions on subsequent pages to complete the process. Work will take place at Cropsey Community Farm in New City, NY.

How do I fulfill my work hours at the farm?
We have specific days and times for Work Share Members to work with our farm team. We have a large number of shifts available throughout the growing season so you’re sure to find a day and time that’s convenient. We ask you to sign up in advance so we know how many people to expect for a given shift. There are two options for choosing and submitting your work hours:

1. Choose your work shifts and submit them during your CSA sign-up.
The Work Hours Timesheet will appear as you scroll through the sign-up pages. Use the link to the Farm Work-Shift Schedule to choose your shifts and enter them on the Timesheet as directed. Your work dates will be listed in your CSA Sign-up Confirmation E-mail. Please retain for your reference and remember to put your work shifts on your calendar!  – OR –

2. Submit your hours after you join our CSA.
First, download the Work Hours Timesheet (click HERE). Choose your shifts from the Farm Work-Shift Schedule (click HERE). Then enter your hours on the Work Hours Timesheet as directed and return it as an e-mail attachment to: csa@rocklandfarm.org. Please retain a copy for your reference and remember to put your work shifts on your calendar!

Whichever method you use:
• A copy of your Work Hours Timesheet will remain at the farm for you to sign in and out on your work day. It must be initialed by a farm-team supervisor at the end of each shift.
• You may change future work days, if necessary, on the farm copy of your Timesheet but please make note of any changes you make. Farm staff will not be responsible for reminding you of your work shifts.

If I’m splitting a membership must I still work 16 hours?
The 16-hour work requirement applies to the membership. So, if you’re sharing a membership, you and your partners may split the work time between you as you choose.

Can I bring someone besides share partners to work with me at the farm?
Sure! Their work time will count toward your 16 hours.

Does work take place in inclement weather?
Farm work is rain or shine unless lightening or other extenuating circumstances make our Farm Manager decide to cancel.

How should I dress/prepare for work at the farm?
Since work takes place rain or shine please dress accordingly. Bring a sun hat, gardening gloves, boots or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty or muddy, sunscreen, bug spray, water, a snack and whatever else you think you need. If you’re allergic to bee stings, remember to bring your epi-pen, just in case!

Where do I park?
Park in the field directly across from the entrance to Red Hill Nursery. There will be a sign at the driveway entrance.

What’s the procedure for farm work days?
Go to the farmhouse bungalow behind the red barn to check in. On the table there will be a red binder with Work Share Member time sheets in alphabetical order and a basket with Volunteer Information Forms.

The FIRST time you come to work ­– Complete the Volunteer Information Form. Please sign all waivers & releases. Everyone working with you, whether or not they are a CSA member, must complete the forms before working on the farm.

EVERY time you come to the farm to work ­– Find your time sheet in the red binder and make a check next to your name for this shift.

  • A farm staffer will give you your work assignment and instructions.
  • If there’s no farm staffer in the bungalow, as may happen if you arrive later in the day after work has started, just look around the fields and find one to get your work assignment.
  • Upon shift completion, note any change in time and total hours worked and have your farm team supervisor initial next to the hours worked.

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