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Rockland Farm Alliance 2018 CSA at Cropsey Community Farm
Membership Agreement

Upon registration for our CSA program, members will be asked to agree to the following:

This is an agreement between Cropsey Community Farm, a project of the Rockland Farm Alliance, and you, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Member, where Cropsey Community Farm agrees to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and/or flowers in return for your purchase of a share of the Cropsey Community Farm harvest. Your share, purchased in advance, helps to finance our seed, planting, equipment and labor costs enabling us to bring you organic, biodynamically grown local food from May through November.


The following outlines the terms of this agreement:

Cropsey Community Farm / Rockland Farm Alliance

220 South Little Tor Road
New City, NY 10956


SEASON: 25 weeks
First pick-up dates: TBA Late May, 2018
Last pick-up dates: TBA Mid November, 2018


1. CSA members receive a selection of freshly harvested, organically grown produce, collected on one day per week during each week of the 25 week season. A CSA Farm Share will contain 8-12 items per week. Shares typically have a market value of at least $30 per week. Exact amounts will vary. An early season share may be smaller while a mid to late season share will be much larger. 

2. Discounted access to farm workshops and free access to some farm events. 


1.  General Vegetable Share (Cropsey Pick-up only) – $750
Entitles a member to freshly harvested, organically grown produce per week picked up at Cropsey Community Farm.

2. Pre-Packaged Vegetable Share (Hungry Hollow Co-op, Nyack Farmers’ Market or Valley Cottage Library only) – $790
Entitles a member freshly harvested, organically grown produce per week pre-packaged for pick-up at: Hungry Hollow Co-op, Chestnut Ridge, NY; Nyack Farmers’ Market; or Valley Cottage Library. 

3. Working Vegetable Share (Cropsey Pick-up only) – $650 (after rebate with 16 work hours)
Entitles a member to freshly harvested, organically grown produce per week with a $100 rebate at the end of the season upon completion of 16 hours of work exchange time with the farm team. 

3. Cut-Your-Own Flower Share – $100
Entitles a member to cut a selection of flowers at Cropsey Farm once each week (during scheduled vegetable pick-up hours) for as long as the weather permits. May be purchased in addition to a Vegetable Share or as a stand-alone option. Available to any Membership Type or pick-up location but flowers are picked by member at Cropsey Farm and only on Cropsey Farm vegetable pick-up days during scheduled pick-up hours. 


1. Cropsey Farm, 220 South Little Tor Road, New City, NY 10956
    Follow signs for pick-up.
    TUESDAY 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    SATURDAY 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

2. Hungry Hollow Co-op, 841 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
    Pick-up is at cash register.   
    SATURDAY 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

3. Nyack Farmers’ Market, Main Street Parking Lot, Downtown Nyack, NY 10960
    Pick-up is at RFA/Cropsey Community Farm Booth.
THURSDAY 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

4. Vallley Cottage Library, 110 Rt. 303, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    Inquire at main desk for directions to pick-up area.
TUESDAY  5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Pick-Up Days: Our tight schedule and small farm team prevents us from deviating from the pick-up schedule, which is a labor-intensive process. Therefore,

1. We are unable to accommodate pick-ups on any other day except your designated pick-up day.

2. Any pick-up day changes will incur a $10 fee.

3. If you cannot pick up your share, please arrange to have someone pick it up for you. Shares that are not retrieved within the pick-up time will be donated to a charity or food pantry, or will be sold at the farmers market. 


1. Pick up your share on your designated pick-up day within the specified time frame.

2. Cropsey Community Farm (New City) Pick-ups: Please bring your own bags or boxes, along with some smaller bags or containers for loose items. Pick- up is self-serve. A chalkboard will list items and amounts to take. Scales are provided for items that need weighing. Please leave behind any small containers used by the farm to divide loose items into portions. A farm staffer will be present.

3. Pre-packaged Pick-ups (Hungry Hollow, Chestnut Ridge, NY; Nyack Farmers’ Market; or Valley Cottage Library): These shares are pre-packaged for member pick-up. 

4. Flowers Pick-ups: Picked by member at Cropsey Farm and only on Cropsey Farm pick-up days during scheduled pick-up hours. Ask for instructions in the vegetable pick-up area.

5. Please be respectful of surrounding property. If picking up at Cropsey Farm please park in the parking field. If you are unable to walk up the hill, you may park at the sides of the driveway but please allow room for other cars to leave and enter.



New and returning CSA members who register with a paid deposit of $250 by November 18, 2018 will receive a free Thanksgiving farm share. This bonus share will be available for pick up on Tuesday November 21, 2018 from 3 to 7 pm.

Installment Payments: For members who make a down payment or pay in installments, your full balance will be due by May 1, 2018. Share pick-ups will not be allowed to any member who has not paid in full. 

How to Make Payments:
1. Debit or Credit Card (through PayPal). A PayPal account is not needed. Click “PayPal Check out” button, then “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” on next screen.

2. Your PayPal account. Click “PayPal Check out” button, then log into PayPal.

3. Dwolla. This payment service requires you to create an account and link it to your bank account. Payment may take a few days. Dwolla is a safe method of payment and saves RFA approximately $18.00 in PayPal transaction fees. Please Note: Even returning CSA members must re-register with Dwolla each season.

4. Check. Click “Mail me an Invoice” under “Pay by Check.” A $10 administrative fee is added to purchase price for check payments. Make checks payable to: ROCKLAND FARM ALLIANCE, 220 South Little Tor Road, New City, NY 10956


Membership is through our CSA sign-up website: http://cropseycommunityfarm.csasignup.com/members/types

After joining, members can manage membership contact information and pay any remaining balance by logging onto the site. Please Note: Previous members must log on using the same e-mail and password they used the previous year.  



Working Share members are required to complete 16 hours of work exchange to qualify for their rebate at the end of the 2018 season. 

Cropsey Community Farm will hold Volunteer Days on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays and 2nd and last Saturdays of each month. Working Share Members can attend these Volunteer Days to complete their work exchange hours. Work exchange hours completed during Farm Volunteer Days does not need to be scheduled in advance. Simply, sign in and out from your shift.  

For those of you who are not interested in field work, some additional work exchange opportunities are available in helping distribute CSA shares on Tuesdays and Saturdays or helping set up and clean up from our annual Farm Dinner.  Please contact csa@rocklandfarm.org for more information and to schedule one of these shifts. 


Cropsey Community Farm, a project of the Rockland Farm Alliance, uses organic and biodynamic growing practices. We strive always to build the soil rather than deplete it, leave the land in better shape than it started in, grow nutritious food, and be part of a healthy ecosystem. For more details on our mission and methods, please see our website: rocklandfarm.org


While we will do our best to provide you with a bountiful weekly share, the quantity of produce may vary from week-to-week, month-to-month and season-to-season due to extreme weather, insects, or other factors beyond our control. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and other members.

In the unlikely event of a crop failure, our procedure is as follows: If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate for the failed crops by filling your share with other crops that are ready for harvest at that time. If a large portion of crops fail due to unforeseen natural conditions, we may be unable to provide any product during certain weeks.


In addition to our CSA, we may sell to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and health food stores. Additionally, we donate regularly to local food pantries. We prioritize our CSA; thus we provide a full and diverse share to our members and avoid over-delivery of any one product to our other markets. When production of our CSA segregated crops are especially abundant, we pack as much as possible into member shares. However, we don’t want to overwhelm members with so much produce that it goes to waste.

Please Note: we do produce certain items exclusively for our other outlets. So, you may see some of our products that you do not receive in your CSA share at farmers’ markets and in health food stores.   


1. To join our CSA, please log in our CSA sign-up website. 

2. For further details and answers to many of your CSA questions, please refer to the CSA section of our Rockland Farm Alliance website and a list of FAQ’s.

3. For information not available in this agreement or on our website, you may e-mail: csa@rocklandfarm.org

4.  Every week members will receive an e-mail with information about the contents of that week’s CSA share.