Cropsey Community Farm Adds Two New CSA Pick-Up Locations

organic_vegtables_trayThe largest CSA outside of New York City is available for pick-up in three locations in Rockland this year. Cropsey Community Farm has partnered with Hungry Hollow Co-op, in Chestnut Ridge, and Nyack Farmers’ Market to create two new drop-off spots for weekly baskets of biodynamic produce from the farm. Now, it’s easier than ever to experience farm-fresh living with a local CSA.



Unknown-1Hungry Hollow Co-op, 841 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Chestnut Ridge, is a cooperatively-owned natural foods market committed to providing its member/owners the highest quality produce and artisanal goods that find their origin in the local earth.


Cropsey CSA members can now pick up their weekly shares at Hungry Hollow Co-op on Saturdays from 2:00pm-7:00pm. 

...And they will get a discount for any Co-op shopping they do while there! CSA members get 5%, while anyone who’s a Co-op AND CSA member will enjoy 10% off on pickup days.

In addition, Co-op Owners who join the CSA receive a $25 Co-op gift card.


Unknown-2Nyack Farmers’ Market, 119 Main St, Nyack, is a wonderland of flavor, art and music every Thursday in the heart of Nyack.


CSA Shares will be available every Thursday from 8:00am-2:00pm from the RFA/Cropsey Community Farm booth at the Outdoor Nyack Farmers’ Market.


rfa-14Cropsey Community Farm220 S. Little Tor Rd., New City, is a historic 25-acre biodynamic farm that links Rockland’s agricultural roots with its sustainable food future.


CSA Shares will be available at Cropsey Community Farm from 3:00pm-7:00pm on Tuesdays and from 9:00am-1:00pm on Saturdays. 

To sign up for one of our off-site pick-up locations, simply follow the link below, choose the pre-packaged share for delivery to Hungry Hollow and Nyack Farmers’ Market, and then click on your preferred location.

To sign up for a Cropsey Community Farm pick-up, click the link below and choose a full vegetable or working share.

Sign up for 25 weeks of delicious local flavor right here!

When you join and pay in full by January 31, you will receive a FREE Spring bonus basket before the season begins. 

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