Workplace CSAs: A Farm-To-Office Healthcare Plan

More and more companies are investing in their employees' long-term health by purchasing local CSAs for workers to share and bring home. The sale of workplace CSAs has been on the rise in New York City and the surrounding suburbs for nearly a decade. Since the advent of its program in 2010, Just Food has facilitated the [...]

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RFA Supporting Members Sow The Future of Local Farms

 We still have enough farmland in Rockland County to feed our entire community right from the earth. Imagine if we could all use that land to reconnect with nature for nourishment, healing and education.  Rockland Farm Alliance has begun the movement to change the way we grow, eat and think about food.  Now, you have the power [...]

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Winter Workshops: Herbal Mixology

Herbal Mixology: Aromatic Bitters and Simple Syrups. Enliven your holiday gatherings by creating stunning cocktails infused with herbs, flowers, roots, barks, rinds, seeds and spices.  Join Michelle and Liz to discover how these simple earthy elements can impart complex flavor that will amaze your guests on every occasion. This workshop will cover: the history of bitters [...]

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2016 Cropsey CSAs Now Available!

  Local, organically grown food is still available in Rockland County!  At Cropsey Community Farm, you can purchase a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, which gives you 25 weeks of over 50 varieties of biodynamic vegetables, fruits and herbs from May through November. A CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your local earth. It provides [...]

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Winter Workshops: Fermented Sourdough Bread-Making

How can you boost your health and feed your cravings for bread this winter? Learn the classic Russian method and recipe for fermented sourdough bread. Masha, herbalist and healing foods expert, will teach you how to make a living bread starter and how to transform only a few simple ingredients into an unforgettable culinary masterpiece [...]

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Winter Workshops: Mugwort Kvas

Did you know that one of the most powerful medicinal plants in the world grows wild right in your garden? Mugwort has been used for centuries to boost the magnesium levels in our bodies, alleviate cramps, soothe muscles, elicit lucid dreams, calm our nerves, and generally improve our health. In Russia, the medicinal properties of mugwort [...]

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Extending Your Growing Season With Tunnels

How can we keep delicious, organic food growing locally through New York winters? Discover the variety of tunnels, frames and protective structures used by four-season farmers, and learn how you can use them to keep life thriving in your backyard all winter long. Tour the growing tunnels at Cropsey Community Farm, talk to head farmer, Jose Romero-Bosch, [...]

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